Chopped is drag racing where it started in the dirt! A throw back in time to a 1950s/60s HopUp Carnival! Hundreds of cars and bikes rattled by the sounds of 25+ bands belting the roots of rock music to thousands of Rockers, Petrol Heads, Hipsters & Greasers. Chopped -The Final Frontier 2011 -2014 captures this unique Australian festival and interviews the people behind it and those passionate supporters who attend each year.Head to head two-lane Dirt Drags with Pre 65 style Hot Rods, Customs, Bobbers & Choppers. Full throttle Vintage Speedway sliding and colliding.

“This is ‘Chopped’ the only festival of it’s kind in the world.”

Directed by Tom Broadhurst

Camera Operators

William Adam Russ

Glenn Barry

Aaron Cuthbert




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